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Executive Director - International Speaker, Trainer & Coach

The John Maxwell Team

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A catalyst and connector, Tina E. Grimes is called to

help people identify purpose, inspire them to take action, and introduce them to people and resources . . . To Bridge the Gap! 


Gap: An unfulfilled space or interval; a break in continuity 

Don't miss this opportunity to . . . 

                     Bridge the Personal Gap 

                     Bridge the Professional Gap

                     Bridge the Communication Gap

                     Bridge the Financial Gap 

. . . across Generations! 


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Geri Mitchell

Geri Mitchell is a 30 year veteran journalist and has been the Midday News Anchor and Host at WAMU 885 FM in Washington DC since 2017. A native of St. Louis, Geri was the morning host at St. Louis Public Radio. She is the first African American (and female) to host the NPR morning show in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. She also served as the secondary host for St. Louis On the Air. Click Here for Full Bio

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