About Tri-Merit

Bridging the Gap 2024 is brought to you by Tri-Merit

Tri-Merit has the technical expertise you need and the flexibility you want.

Tax credit studies may not be something you do every day – luckily for you Tri-Merit does.

Tri-Merit supports CPAs, CFOs and owners of small-to-midsize businesses by serving as an extension of their advisory team to lessen the tax burden and increase cash flow. We work with companies to uncover the engineering, manufacturing and product development data needed to support claiming engineering-based tax incentives such as the R&D tax credit, and tax planning strategies such as cost segregation.

Tri-Merit turns a complex process into a refreshingly straightforward experience that requires minimal time and effort from CPAs and their clients.

Why Tri-Merit?

When it comes to specialty tax services, CPAs and business owners need to have full faith in the expertise and efficiency of their service providers. Tri-Merit is a top-tier provider of that ensures maximum tax benefits and savings for their clients. The Tri-Merit team comprises highly experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of complex tax concepts and regulations.

One of the main reasons why CPAs and business owners should choose Tri-Merit is because they offer a range of specialty tax services such as Renewable Energy Tax Credits, R&D Tax Credits, and Cost Segregation that can help clients save substantial amounts of money on their tax bills. The team at Tri-Merit has an unwavering focus on providing personalized service to their clients. They take the time to understand their clients’ unique business objectives and tailor their solutions to fit their respective needs.

What do you like most about working with Tri-Merit? "The level of professionalism and their responsiveness is very impressive.  They have a genuine desire to be of service to their client and they want to add value.  They stand behind their work and support you."