Dave Kersting, MBA-HCM/HRM

CEO of Capovario

Dave Kersting has been a prominent figure in the bookkeeping industry for over a decade. He began his career as the founder of The Kersting Group, and now leads as the founder and CEO of Capovario. His mission is to reinvigorate the typically mundane business services – such as bookkeeping, accounting, insurance, finance, employee benefits, and marketing – turning them into energizing experiences that business owners genuinely appreciate. At Capovario, Dave and his team dedicate themselves to managing the essential yet cumbersome tasks so that business owners can focus on what they are passionate about. Dave is also the co-founder of co-firming along with Tonya Schulte at The Profit Constructors. Confirming is a strategic collaboration model involving partnering with two or more firms, each with distinct expertise, to offer clients a more robust and comprehensive service. This approach avoids the pitfalls of competition by forming a united front that leverages combined strengths for enhanced client solutions.