Sean M. Duncan, CPA

The Chief Proactive Advisor

Sean founded SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC on the steadfast belief that small business owners want and need advice and strategy to minimize taxes, increase work/life balance, improve cash flow, and plan for the future. He aggressively pushes SMD forward in new and innovative ways to further add value to the lives of small business owners. That’s sounds like what adults do, right? However, if you get to know him, he’s also the same guy that will eat 20 cookies, wear a Storm Trooper suit of armor at a charity event, don the Mickey Mouse ears at Disney World, throw temper tantrums when the Chargers lose a game, and occasionally go on 15+ hour video game binges. Anyone that has met Sean knows that he is passionate about a lot of things. While the silly sometimes outweighs the serious, those close to him understand his enthusiasm for helping business owners succeed while still focusing on his first job as husband and dad.