A catalyst and connector, Tina E. Grimes is called to

help people identify purpose, inspire them to take action, and introduce them to people and resources . . . To Bridge the Gap! 


Gap: An unfulfilled space or interval; a break in continuity 

Don't miss this opportunity to . . . 

                     Bridge the Personal Gap 

                     Bridge the Professional Gap

                     Bridge the Communication Gap

                     Bridge the Financial Gap 

. . . across Generations! 


Welcome Session

6:30 pm

Giving Voice to your Brand

7:00 pm

Presented by

Tina Grimes


Welcome Session: Self Awarness

9:15 am

Bridge The

Personal Gap

9:30 am

Presented by

Tina Grimes


Bridge the

Professional Gap


Bridge the

Communication Gap

Bridge the

Financial Gap


Presented by

Denise Carter

Gap Areas to Bridge:

+ Relationship building

+ Skill development

+ Career mapping

+ Social proof - LinkedIn maximization,

website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Presented by

Geri Mitchell

Gap Areas to Bridge:

+ What is your superpower?

+ What's preventing you from

unleashing your power?

+ Where/when will you activate your superpower? 


Presented by

Tina E. Grimes 

Gap Areas to Bridge:

 +Understanding Generational Traits

 +Communicating Between Generations

 +How to Initiate Mentoring Relationships

 +How to Develop Mentoring Relationships

 +How to Sustain Mentoring Relationships


Live Vendor Market

Hosted by

Our Sponsors and Vendors 


Presented by

Artis “Keith” Turner

Gap Areas to Bridge:

+ Effective budgeting

+ Preparing for retirement

+ Investing

+ Estate Planning

Evening of Excellence


Hosted by

Mary Elizabeth 



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